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A Non-linear Two-Dimensional Model

N.Mastorakis (Greece)


Multidimensional Systems, Two-Dimensional Systems, Non-linear models, Non-linear systems

Positive Singular Value Decomposition

N.Mastorakis (Greece)


Positive Multidimensional Systems, Singular Value Decomposition, Multidimensional Array Techniques, Positive Singular Value Decomposition, measurements

Externally and Internally Positive 2-D Linear Systems

T.Kaczorek (Poland)


Externally positive, 2D linear system,impulse response,necessary,sufficients condition

3-D Systems: Transfer Function Computation

G. E. Antoniou (Greece)


Fourier Transform, Multidimensional systems, Transfer function, Algorithm

Secure Transfer of Several Images Using the Same Frame

I. Rakocevic, B.Reljin, P.Kostic, I. Reljin,(Yugoslavia), N.Mastorakis (Greece)


FFT, DCT, image encryption, image intelligibility, JPEG compression

Image Content Described by Fractal Parameters

I. Reljin, B.Reljin, I. Rakocevic (Yugoslavia), N.Mastorakis (Greece)


Digital image, self-similarity, multifractal process, Hurst index

An Improved Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation

F. Alexa (Romania), Z. Bojkovic (Yugoslavia), D.Lacrama (Romania), N.Mastorakis (Greece)


Algorithms, Fast block estimation, search

Digital Topology: A survey of 3D object representation and its configuration space

I.Vakalis (Italy)


Digital Topology, 3-D object representation, digitized motion, digital image processing

Logic Functions of All-Optical 3-D Grids / 2-D Switching Networks

J. Giglmayr (Germany)


Directional Coupler, All-Optical 3-D Grids, complete logic circuits, vectors (arrays, cubes) of control information

Adaptive -Space Representation of Images and Edges

B. Kurt, H. T. Demiral (Turkey)


-space, scale space, nonlinear partial differential equations, nonlinear diffusion, smoothing, image enhancement, edge detection.

Blind Identification of SIMO FIR Systems

R. Diversi, R. Guidorzi, U. Soverini, P. Castaldi (Italy)


Blind identification, linearsystems, errors-in-variables models

Spatial Division Multiple Access with DOA based Digital Beam-forming in the Mobile Satellite Communications

J. Mao (Ireland), M. ODroma (Ireland), Lijia Ge (China)


Signal Separation, Channel Assignment, DOA, Digital Beam-forming, Mobile Satellite

Communication; SDMA; Weight Subspace Fitting (WSF) algorithm; Antenna Array

Optimum Estimation of a Phase Modulating Wiener Process with Applications in Coherent Detection Systems

A. Arvizu, F.J. Mendieta (Mexico)


Maximum likelihood estimation, coherent reception, state variable estimation, homodyne and heterodyne detection, Wiener processes, phase modulation.

Wavelet Analysis and Classification for Partial Discharges

S. Petropol, S. Lesecq, A. Barraud (France)


Wavelet, hierarchical indexed classification, partial discharges (PD), insulation ageing detection

State Estimation by IMM Filter in the Presence of Structural Uncertainty

L. Mihaylova (Bulgaria)


Structural uncertainty, multiple model

approach, state estimation, identification

Solving Open Polygonals in Elastic Correction of dead-Reckoning Errors

M. Golfarelli, S. Rizzi (Italy)


Correction of Positional Error, Dead-Reckoning, Map Building, Self-Positioning, Structural

Analysis, Structured Environments

Low Complexity Methods for Blind Estimation of Up-ink Multipath Channels in Long Code CDMA Communications

Xu (Daniel) Zhengyuan, M.K. Tsatsanis (USA)


CDMA, Long codes, channel estimation, up-link channels

Multi-target tracking in the framework of possibility theory

M.Oussalah (Belgium)


Multi-target tracking, possibility theory, Kalman Filtering

Design of Boolean Function from a Great Number of Variables Satisfying Strict Avalanche Criterion

E.G.Bardis, N.G.Bardis, A.P.Markovski, A.K.Spyropoulos (Greece)


Cryptography, Boolean Functions, SAC functions.

Optimization of the Parallel Matrix Multiplication

G. Papa, J. Sil (Slovenia)


Optimization, matrixmultiplication, parallel systolic linearization

The Efficiency of Pyramidal Algorithms for Image Representation using Morphological Filters

D. Sandic (Yugoslavia)


Pyramidal image representation and compression, mathematical morphology

A Mixed Signal Multiplier Principle for Massively Parallel Analog VLSI Systems

S.Getzlaff, R.Schuffny (Germany)


Parallel analog VLSI-systems, parallel computation,Discrete Cosine Transform, DCT ,analog multiplier, CMOS sensor

Comparative analysis of audio coding using wavelet transform and periodized wavelet transform

M.R. Zurera, F.L. Ferreras, M.P.J. Amores, S.M. Bascon (Spain)


Audio coding, wavelet transform, periodized wavelet transform, orthonormal wavelet

Embedded vector quantization of the wavelet coefficients for image coding

S.M. Bascon, F.L. Ferreras, F.J.A. Rodriguez, F.C. Roldan (Spain)


Embedded vector quantization, wavelet coefficients, image coding

An Hybrid Parallel Associative Memory / DTW Based System for Speech Recognition

F. Curatelli, O. Mayora-Ibarra (Italy)


An Hybrid Parallel Associative Memory / DTW Based System for Speech Recognition

Applications of Gabor Filters in Image Processing Systems

R.S.Choras (Poland)


Gabor functions, Gabor Filters, stereo matching process, feature extraction

A VLSI Architecture for High Speed Comb Decimation Filters with Power-of-two Decimation Ratios

Y.Gao, L.Jia, H.Tenhunen (Sweden)


High-speed, Comb decimation filters, Power-of-two

Tracking Occluded Lane-Markings for Lateral Vehicle Guidance

J.P. Tarel, F.Guichard, D.Aubert (France)


Pattern analysis and machine intelligence, computer vision, image processing, projective Geometry,real time systems,feature extraction,edge and line detection,identification tracking,applications to vehicle guidance

Vehicle Detection and Tracking Using the Block Matching Algorithm

L. Di Stefano, E. Viarani (Italy)


Computer vision, traffic monitoring, vehicle tracking

The Algorithm for Dynamic Distributing of Processes in Real Time Distributed Computer Systems

E.G.Bardis, N.G.Bardis (Greece), A.V.Simonenko (Ukraine)


Optimization algorithms,job scheduling strategy, heterogenity, parallel systems

Towards a Neural-Based Theory of Emotional Dispositions

J.G. Taylor, W.A. Fellenz, R. Cowie, E. Douglas-Cowie (UK)


Facial analysis, emotion recognition

An Integrated Video Sensor Design for Traffic Management and Control

D. P. Panda (USA)


Machine vision sensor, video vehicle detection, vehicle tracking, traffic data collection, queue measurement, automated incident detection, automated speed enforcement, software architecture, network communication architecture.

Building Block Specifications for Multi-mode Receiver

K.Galanis, A.Pneumatikakis, L.Dermentzoglou, A.Arapoyanni, I.Moisiadis (Greece)


RF receivers, wireless communication, intermodulation, SNR, C/I, image, rejection, BER

A new edge detector based on the extended Russ operator and its application to mammogram segmentation

R. Chandrasekhar, Y. Attikiouzel (Australia)


Edge detection, mammograms, segmentation, Hurst exponent, Russ operator

Some Applications of X and -Rays Dedicated Computerized Tomography Scanner in Agriculture

J.D.M. Naime, P.E. Cruvinel, A.M.D. Silva, S. Crestana, C.M.P. Vaz (Brazil)


Computerized Tomography, instrumentation, X-ray, gamma-ray, Soil Science

Mathematical Morphology Tools for Gray-Scale Image Compression

R.Vasiu (Romania), A.Samcovic, Z.Bojkovic (Yugoslavia)


Mathematical Morphology, Gray-Scale Image Compression, bit-plane decomposition

ITU-T H.263 and H.263 + Standards as Tools for Correlation between objective measure and subjective score in video compression

A. Samcovic (Yugoslavia), I. Stancu (Romania), Z. Bojkovic (Yugoslavia)


Subjective score, objective measure, video compression

Telemicroscopy: The first Step in Telemedicine Foundation in Yugoslavia

B.Reljin, P.Spasic, I. Milosavljevic, P. Kostic, S. Mijuskovic (Yugoslavia)


Telemedicine, telemicroscopy, biomedical engineering




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The Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Stratified Anisotropic Stochastic medium

F. Vallianatos (Greece)


Electromagnetic, anisotropic, stochastic propagation

Electromagnetic Dyadic Green's Function of an Implantable Medical Device Model for Numerical EMC Investigation

S.M.S. Reyhani, R.J. Glover (UK)


Electromagnetic, Circular Cylinder, Implants, Antenna, Dipole, Dyadic Green's function

An HF Radar Based Integrated Maritime Surveillance System

L. Sevgi (Turkey/Canada), A.M. Ponsford (Canada)


Integrated Maritime Surveillance System, High Frequency Surface Wave Radar

A Nearly-transparent Low Delay Audio Coder

D.M. Munoz, F.L. Ferreras, M.R. Zurera, N.R. Reyes (Spain)


Subband, ADPCM, bit allocation, audio coding (low delay), adaptive quantizer

An interactive VHDL simulator for IEEE 802.11 networks

F. Bellotti, A. De Gloria, D. Grosso, L. Noli, M.Olivieri (Italy)


IEEE 802.11, wireless networks, transmission protocols Java, interactive simulator, education

Adaptive-Rate Image Watermarking based on Spread Spectrum Communication Technique

P.C. Chen, Y.S. Chen, W.H. Hsu (China)


Watermark, adaptive rate coding, data hiding, stegonagraphy, copyright protection,

human visual system (HVS), channel capacity, signal to noise ratio (SNR), probability of error

Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm for Blind ISI Cancelation in Multiuser Systems

J. Zhu(Singapore), W.Ser (Singapore), Z.Ding (Usa))


Blind Equalization, Blind ISI Cancelation, Multiuser Systems

Fast and Hardware-Efficient Systolic Architectures for Binary Morphological Processing

E. N. Malamas, A.G.Malamos, T.A.Varvarigou (Greece)


Mathematical morphology,systolic architectures VLSI implementation

Contactless Identification Device With Anticollision Algorithm

M. Jacomet, A. Ehrsam, U. Gehrig (Switzerland)


RF-ID, smard-card, anticollision contactless identification devices

Sensor fault diagnosis of a power plant:an approach based on state estimation techniques

S. Simani (Italy)


Fault diagnosis and detection, analytical redundancy, residuals generation, dynamic observers, Frisch scheme, Kalman filters

DSP Applications in Secure Voice and Data Communications Systems

G. Troullinos (Greece)


Digital Signal Processing, Data Communications Systems

Distributed Multimedia in Telecommunications Service Engineering Using the Distributed Component Object Model

D.X. Adamopoulos (UK), G. Pavlou (UK), C.A. Papandreou (Greece)


Distributed multimedia, DCOM, new telecommunications services, distributed object computing

A Methodology for the Development of New Telecommunications Services

D.X. Adamopoulos (UK), G. Pavlou (UK), C.A. Papandreou (Greece)


Service development, service creation, new telecommunications services, TINA-C, service Engineering

SDL Specification and Verification of Connection Establishment and Release Protocol

S.Kampirellis, S.Triantafyllou, A.Andreatos (Greece)


SDL, FDT, specification, verification, protocol, connection, establishment, release, handshaking, unreliable, wireless, noisy channel, physical medium.

Analysis of Synchronous WDMA Protocols with Finite Number of Tunable Receivers

I.E. Pountourakis (Greece)


Wavelength division multiple access WDMA, multichannel, electronic processing bottleneck, receiver collision, rejection probability.

Receiver Collision Analysis for Wdm Networks using a Multichannel Control Architecture

I.E. Pountourakis (Greece)


Wavelength division multiple access WDMA, multichannel, electronic processing bottleneck, receiver collision, rejection probability, Multichannel Control Architecture MCA

A New WDM Network Architecture And Protocol Analysis for a Passive Star Topology

I.E. Pountourakis (Greece)


Wavelength division multiple access WDMA, multichannel, electronic processing bottleneck, receiver collision.

A Distributed Solution to Synchronous Multiparty Interaction

R.Corchuelo, D.Ruiz, M.Toro, J.L.Arjona, J.M.Prieto (Spain)


Multiparty interaction, network computers, fairness, IP, SR.

Verifying Multiparty Call in ATM UNI Signalling Protocol

G. Jezic, I. Lovrek (Croatia), Girish Bhat (USA)


Formal specification, model checking, verification, ATM signalling protocol, process algebra

The Design of Computer Networks for Optimum Reliability Subject to Criticality Constraints

N. Hassan, M. Saeb (Egypt)


Computer networks, Reliability, Criticality, Optimization, packet-switched networks, Design

An Architecture for Securing Communications over ATM Network

Xun Yi, E. Okamoto (Japan)


ATM network, QoS, Block cipher, Public-key cryptosystem, Negotiation, Authentication.

Fault Tolerance on Grid-based ATM Switches

H.S. Laskaridis, A.A. Veglis, G.I. Papadimitriou, A.S. Pombortsis (Greece)


ATM switch fabric, grid-based, fault-tolerance, survival probability

On the Efficient Voice-Data Integration over Medium Capacity Wireless TDMA Channels

P.Koutsakis, M. Paterakis (Greece)


MAC protocols, Quality of Service, Voice-Data integration, Wireless Channels.

Secure Communications and Co-operations in Open Networks

B. Blobel, P. Pharow (Germany)


Security Networks Internet Communication Application Authentication Integrity Confidentiality accountability

Mobile Agents for Secure Electronic Transactions

P. Kotzanikolaou, G. Katsirelos, V. Chrissikopoulos (Greece)


Electronic commerce, mobile trade agent,master-slave agent model,agent permission-token

Security aspects in telematics applications for clinical radio-oncology

E.Ntasis, K.S. Nikita, G. Matsopoulos (Greece)


Telematics, Security, Radio-oncology, Encryption, Access control system, Digital signature

Design and Architectural Issues for Digital Libraries over the Internet

S. Armeni, D.Christodoulakis, J.Garofalakis, P.Kappos (Greece)


Digital Libraries, Public Libraries, Open Architecture, Security, Metaphors, Social Aspects

European Trusted Third Party Services for Internet Security

P. Pharow, B. Blobel (Germany)


Security Networks Internet Smartcards TTP Authentication Integrity Confidentiality