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Robust Exponentially Stable Control for Dynamical Systems

M.Cotsaftis (France)


Robust Control, Exponentially Stable Control, Dynamical Systems, Complex Systems

Physical Aspects of the Theory of Nonlinear Networks

W.Mathis, L.Weiss (Germany)


Network theory, thermal noise, nonlinear networks, Nyquist's theorem

Electrical and Thermal Phenomena Simulation of Pulsed-Mode IMPATT Diode

A. Zemliak, R. Garcia (Mexico)


Microwave semiconductor devices, modeling and simulation, numerical methods

Doping Profile Optimization of DDR Pulsed-Mode IMPATT Diode

A. Zemliak, C. Celaya, R. De La Cruz (Mexico)


IMPATT diode, modeling and simulation, structure optimization.

Simulation and bootstrap on a PRAM architecture

B. Apolloni (Italy), A. Brenna (Italy), D. de Falco (Italy), J. G. Taylor (UK)


PRAM, Bernstein polynomial, density estimation, bootstrap

Mathematical Modeling of the Pest Control

M. Rafikov, F.L. Verdi (Brazil)


Mathematical modeling, Pest control, Prey-predator model, Computer simulation, Soybean caterpillar.

Some types of bifurcations in a bioeconomic model

V. Lobato, M. Luisa, V. Morente (Spain)


Fixed point,stability,limit,cycle, bifurcations

Dynamics and Synchronization of a Second-Order Nonlinear and Nonautonomous Electric Circuit

I.M. Kyprianidis, P. Haralabidis, I. N. Stouboulos (Greece)


Nonlinear circuits, chaos, bifurcation, antimonotonicity, synchronization

Chaos-Based DS-CDMA Systems With Exponentially Decaying Correlations:Performance Optimization in Multipath Environments

G. Setti, R.Rovatti, G.Mazzini (Italy)


Chaos Applications, DS-CDMA,

MRAC using a Variable Structure-based Neuron-like model

E. Colina-Morles, F. Rivas-Echeverria (Venezuela)


Nonlinear Systems, Variable Structure Control, Sliding Mode, Model Reference Adaptive Control, Neural Networks

Limit Cycles in Wave Digital Filters One-Port versus Two-Port Approach

D.O.D. Campo, F.L. Ferreras, R.J. Martinez, F.C. Roldan (Spain)


limit cycles, ladder wave digital filters, fixed point, one-port approach, two-port approach.

Simulation of human motion using a Sensory-Motor approach

S. Gibet, F.Julliard, T.Lebourque, P.F.Marteau (France)


Motion control, control of limb movements, control of locomotion, biokinematics, computer simulation

Intelligent Planner for Electrical Substations Restoration

A.R. Aoki, G.L. Torres, L.E.De Souza, C.H.V.De Moraes (Brazil)


Restoration, AI Planning, Functional Modeling

A natural language interface for man machine communication in electrical networks control centers

M.G. Romano, E.F. Camacho (Spain)


Automatic control, computer interfaces, natural language, man-machine systems, real time computer systems electric power systems

Pseudo-linear Anti-windup Controllers for a Single Machine/Infinite Bus Power System under Exciter and Steam Control Valve Saturation

V. A. Tsachouridis, I. Postlethwaite (UK)


Electric Power System, Saturation, Anti-windup, LQR, H, Control,LTR

Switcing Loss Reduction of PT- and NPT-IGBT

K.H. Edelmoser, L.L. Erhartt (Austria)


PT-IGBT, NPT-IGBT, turn off switching behavior, ZCS-ARCP, switching loss reduction

Optimized Control of an Induction Motor Drive Fed by PWM Voltage Source Inverter and Active filter

V. Lanfranchi , D. Depernet, C. Goeldel (France)


Optimized PWM, Induction motor, Active filter, Voltage Source Inverter, Harmonic.

DC Motor Digital Control Using a Fractional Order Hold Device

R. Barcena, M. de la Sen, I. Sagastabeitia (Spain)


DC Motor Digital Control Using a Fractional Order Hold Device

Transient analysis of the behaviour of grounding systems consisted by driven rods

I.F. Gonos, M.K. Antoniou, I.A. Stathopulos, F.V. Topalis (Greece)


Grounding system, transient impedance, impulse current, impulse impedance, driven rod(s)

Towards Industrial Autotuning Controller

I. Branica, I. Petrovic, N. Peric (Croatia)


Autotuning, relay experiment identification, least square method, PID control, FPPI control

Electric Power Monitoring Device

L. Lippmann Junior, J.O. Simoes, A.G. Reichel, V.C. Zambenedetti (Brazil)


Power quality, Call Center, distribution operation

A Flat Output Approach for the Steering of the Deflection of piozelectric bender

a Piezoelectric Bender

W. Haas, J. Rudolph (Germany), H. Schmid (Austria)


Motion planning flatness approach, vibration controlmpiezometric actuator, infinite dimensional system

A 2-V CMOS IF Amplifier with Improved Single-to-Differential Signal Converter

G. Palmisano, S.Pennisi (Italy)


CMOS, Low voltage circuits, IF amplifiers, Differential amplifiers, Variable-gain amplifiers

Extraction of Distance From an Eddy-Current Sensor Response by a Source Separation Technique: Blind Context or A Priori Knowledge?

M. Haritopoulos, Y. Naudet, P. Vasseur, A. Billat (France)


Eddy-current sensor, source separation, independent component analysis, linear filtering

Pulse Distortion Occasioned by High-Order Polarization Mode Dispersion

R.M. Jopson, L.E.Nelson, G.Raybon, B.Mikkelsen, H.Kogelnik (USA)


Polarization mode dispersion PMD lightwave system

Computer Simulation of Sewing Needle Heating

N.C. Trung, Zdenek Kus (Czech)


FEM, Computer simulation, Sewing Needle, Needle Heating

A Folded Bit-Line Architecture For High-Speed CMOS SRAM

S. Kim, I. Chang, S. Seo, K. Kwack (Korea)


high-speed SRAM, Folded Bit-Line Architecture, Double Word-Line Activation, High speed sensing scheme, Data-rate, area, Burst length

A Miniaturized Thin-Film Germanium Strain Gauge Suitable for Mass-Production

A. Khakifirooz, S.S. Mohajerzadeh, E. Asl Soleimani (Iran)


Strain gauge, piezoresistive, germanium, thin-film, photolithography, miniaturization

Nonlinear Flux Sliding Mode Observer for Induction Motor: Experimental Study

M.Djemai, J.P.Barbot, A.Glumineau, R.Boisliveau (France)


Induction Machine,Nonlinear Sliding mode Observer

Nonlinear Control of Cyclic Processes Using Fourier Coefficient Feedback

J.Pfeiffer, P. Neumann (Germany)


Fourier, control, nonlinear cyclic process

Very Fast Recovery Word-line Voltage Regulator for Multilevel Nonvolatile Memories

O. Khouri, R.Micheloni, G.Torelli (Italy)


Multilevel nonvolatile memory, Word-line voltage regulator, CapacitiveĞload voltage regulator.

Quantum Signatures of Unstable Dynamics in the Photodissociation of Ozone

C.W. Hsiao, L.D. Le, E.S.Lotfi, C.Kittrell, J.L.Kinsey, B.R.Johnson (USA)


Dynamics, Ozone, Phase, Raman, Spectroscopy, Wavelets

Characterization of Low - Pressure Movpe Grown ZnMgSSe Heterostructures for Optoelectronic Device Applications

M.A. Naby (Egypt)


Optoelectronic device applications-MOVPE grown ZnMgSSe heterostructures

A two input fuzzy chip running at a processing rate of 30 nanosecond realized in 0.35 micron CMOS technology

D. Falchieri, A. Gabrielli, E. Gandolfi, M. Masetti (Italy)


VLSI, CMOS, Fuzzy, Fuzzification, Defuzzification, Active Rule Selector, Membership Function

Applications of the CAN and ISO 11783 protocols to a Planter Monitor

C. Strauss, C.E. Cugnasca, A.M. Saraiva, A.R. Hirakawa (Brazil)


CAN, ISO 11783, planter monitor, communication protocol, distributed control, precision agriculture.

Modelling of a Steam Generator Using Distributed Parameter Equations

S. Lamiri, B. Bouamama, J.-P. Richard (France)


Steam generator, partial differential equations, delay systems, mass/momentum/energy equations, diphasic mixture, steam quality, numerical implementation,.

Hybrid Systems Modeling: Mixed Petri nets

C. Valentin-Roubinet (France)


Hybrid dynamic systems, modeling, high level Petri nets, simulation, algebro-differntial equations, supervision, state space

Symbolic Determination of Generalized State Equation for Singular System Modelled by Bond Graph

A. Mouhri, A. Rahmani, G. Dauphin-Tanguy (France)


Descriptor systems, derivative causality, causal cycle, bond graph

Robust nonlinear control for ship steering

J.Kocijan (Slovenia), D.J. Murray-Smith (UK)


Gain scheduling, robust nonlinear control, ship steering problem.

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Multivariable Pole Placement and Entire Eigenstructure Assignment Through Constant Output Feedback

Y.Bavafa-Toosi, A.Khaki-Sedigh (Iran)


Multivariable pole placement, entire eigenstructure assignment via constant output feedback

On Multiobservers for Nonlinear Systems

Z. Bartosiewicz,M. Wyrwas (Poland)


Observer, multiobserver, local observability, multivalued function, analytic system.

Reconfigurable Control for the Formation Flying of Multiple Spacecraft

M.Mesbahi, F.Y.Hadaegh (USA)


Formation Flying Linear matrix inequality, Logic-based switching

Experimental Design for Discriminating between Two Rival Models for Measurement Objectives

S.Brahim-Belhouari, G.Fleury (France)


Discrimination between models, Experimental Design, Nonlinear Estimation,

Inverse Problem, Bayesian T-optimum Design.

On the Application of the Mixed Sensitivity Approach to a Real Control Problem Using Parametric and Nonparametric Models

M.F.Miranda, F.G. Jota (Brazil)


Controller, _-analysis, Mixed Sensitivity, Robust Control

Automatic control for above-the-knee prosthesis

K.Hennou, J.C. Lafont (France)


Control, fuzzy logic, identification, sensors, actuators, above-the-knee prosthesis, dynamic prosthesis, human gait, artificial gait, microcontroller

Robot Hybrid Position/Force Control for Non-Cartesian Constraints

P.Goldsmith (Canada)


Robot arm control, constrained manipulators, hybrid position/force control

Feature-based product modelling for holonic surface treatment robots

T.Heikkilla (Finland), N. D'Agostino (Germany), L. Rannanjarvi (Finland), P. Salonen (Finland)


Feature-based product modelling, robot programming, holonic manufacturing systems, intelligent robots

Snake-Robot Control Strategy for Navigation in an Unknown Environment

J. A. Macera, B. Bahr, F. Barazandeh (USA)


Robot, Redundant, Path, Control, Navigation.

Wireless Robust Robots for Application in Hostile Agricultural Environment

A.R. Hirakawa, A.M. Saraiva, C.E. Cugnasca (Brazil)


Robot System, Wireless Transmission, Distributed Control, Field Application, Robustness

Specialized Visualization Systems for Differential Games

L.A. Averbukh, S.S. Kumkov, V.S. Patsko, O.A. Pykhteev, D.A. Yurtaev (Russia)


Differential games, numerical simulation, computer graphics, Gouraud shading

Towards Physical Layout of Assembly Lines

B. Rekiek, F. Pellichero, P. De Lit, E. Falkenauer, A. Delchambre (Belgium)


Physical Layout, Equal Piles, Grouping Genetic Algorithm, Assembly Lines.

A Methodology for Statistical Parameter Extraction from DC and Small Signal Measurements

M. Conti, P. Crippa, S. Orcioni, C. Turchetti (Italy)


Device Modeling, Small Signal Parameters, Statistical Analysis

Estimation of delayed process model parameters in the frequency domain

A. O’Dwyer (Ireland)


Estimation, time delay processes, frequency domain, gradient methods.

Scene Change Detection Based on Twice Difference of Luminance Histograms

X. Wang, K.N.Plataniotis, A.N. Venetsanopoulos (Canada)


Scene change detection, Luminance Histograms, twice difference, Dynamic threshold, RGB color Space,YCbCr Color Space

Maple Procedures for Simplifying Sine-Cosine Equations

J. Gutierrez (Spain)


Symbolic Computation, Sine-Cosine Equations, MAPLE. Robot Kinematics, Polynomial system equation.

Exact and Efficient Determination of Geometric Predicates

I.Z. Emiris (France, Greece)


Geometric predicate, sign determination, single precision, determinant test, fast implementation

A Multi-Agent System for Supply Chain Management

M.Ulieru , D.Norrie (Canada)


Supply chain management, multi-agent systems, electronic information

A Strategy for Modelling and Controlling a Single Phase Multilevel Inverter in mean values

H. Ralaivao, B. Francois (France)


PWM, multilevel operating, direct converter, switch matrix, connection controller, matrix theory.

Using a Parallel Time Constant Laplace Transform to Predict a Possible Unsafe Condition will occur in a Chemical Process

M. J. Needham (USA)


Chemical Processes, Measurments, Control

Substitution Systems for Quasiperiodic Sequences

E. Pelantova (Czech)


Substitution Systems, Quasiperiodic Sequences

Wind Measurements with One Switched-Beam Digital Acoustic Radar using Independent Control on the Array Antennae's Transducers

T.J. Liaskas, G.J. Stephanou, D. Martakos (Greece)


Acoustic radar, digital, switched beam, independent control, vertical wind velocity, measurements.

Polarization Mode Dispersion-Characterization and Compensation Techniques

M.Karlsson (Sweden)


optical fiber communication, dispersion, pulse broadening, measurement

technques, polarization, polarization mode dispersion

Receiver Architecture and Implementation for Differential Offset QPSK

E. Frantzeskakis, A. Posonidis,C. Papathanasioy, K. Aretos (Greece)


Differential Offset QPSK, DOQPSK, differential demodulation, GMSK, Low BT , quadrature phase shift,keying, differential phase shift keying, Viterbi algorithm, soft decision, mobile radio

Security Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms by means of Boolean Functions

E.G.Bardis, N.G.Bardis, A.P.Markovski, A.K.Spyropoulos (Greece)


Cryptography, security systems, security level, Boolean Functions, nonlinear Boolean functions

Wideband Propagation Measurements and Analysis of Indoor Radio Channel at 5GHz and 18GHz Using Directive Antennas

Q.Ge, J. Teong Ong (Singapure)


Indoor Radio Propagation,Multipath,Path Loss, RMS, Delay Spread,Wireless LAN,ISI

The Characterisation of Two-Wire Shielded Cable Submit to Electromagnetics Perturbations

S.D.Bennani, J.Belkadid, M.Rifi (Morocco)


Electromagnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Telecommunication Applications

Development of a switched-beam, digital acoustic radar: an object oriented modeling and design approach

T.J.Liaskas, D.Martakos, G.J.Stephanou (Greece)


OMT, modeling, state machine, dynamic model, digital, switched-beam, and acoustic radar