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Attention: Universities, Organizations, Companies can have annual subscription for their staff. In this case, you do not need username/password, simply visit the link: and you will enter the WSEAS on-line Library automatically and without any username/password.

If your University has not access in the WSEAS E-Library yet, contact us now and we will be glad to give our offer for your university annual subscription.

All WSEAS members , all WSEAS authors and co-authors that have published papers in the WSEAS journals, books, conferences (since 1996) have a username and a password.
WSEAS Members: For the WSEAS members the usernames/passwords are valid for 12 18 months now
WSEAS Authors: For authors, the usernames/passwords are also valid for 12 18 months now. After their expiration, you must publish a new paper in the WSEAS to obtain a new username/password. Usernames and passwords are given to each author after his registration in any WSEAS conference.

Publish your work with WSEAS. The log files of the WSEAS server counts 40000 visits per month now in the on-line E-library. That means that if you publish a paper in the WSEAS Conferences, your paper obtains a really great publicity. See also the WSEAS indexing
You can search the papers in the WSEAS E-Library using a local google search engine: