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Professor Charles A. Long,
WSEAS President,
Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point,
Wisconsin, USA

Brief Curriculum Vitae
Education: B.S. (1957), M.S. (1958), M. A. A. (Honorary, 1986) Pittsburg State University (Biology, Mathematics) Ph. D. (1963) University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas (Zoology, Paleontology) Military: Served up to Captain (1961-1971), graduated Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, Active Duty, First Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas (1961). USAR, Research & Development. Honorable Discharge.



Professional Experience:
Instructor-Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois (1963-1965)
Assistant Professor – Professor, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Curator of Mammals, UWSP, Museum Natural History (1966-1999)
Founding Director of the Museum of Natural History (1968-1984)
Established the Museum Faunal and Floral Reports, served as editor (1968-present)
Established probably the first undergraduate museum program in America (1974-Present)
Courses taught: Mammalogy, Ornithology, Evolution, Comparative Anatomy, Zoology.

Graduate Fellow, Pittsburg State University; University of Kansas;
Faculty Fellow, University of Illinois; Fulbright-Hays Scholar (1977);
Outstanding Scholar in the University, Univ. Wisconsin—Stevens Point (1984);
Honored by Chippewa Native American Tribe, establishing museum of Indian Culture (1984); Distinguished Alumnis Award, Pittsburg State University (1986); Pucci Faculty Award (1996);
Sigma Xi Research Scholar Award (1996).
Consultant: Argonne National Laboratory; National Geographic Society, World Book Encyclopedia; President local Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society (1988-1991); several honorary societies.

Research: Primarily on wild mammals, also birds, evolution, and bio-mathematics.
Three books (The mammals of Wyoming;
The badgers of the world, and Mammals of the Lake Michigan Drainage Basin),
one book manuscript (Wild Mammals of Wisconsin),
210 scholarly publications, including mostly scientific articles).
Also 15 Museum Annual Reports. Contributions in fifteen foreign journals.
in Bio-mathematics:
Pioneered work on variability in mammals, published in North America and the old Soviet Union; Analysis of functional morphological complexes; pioneer in fractals in biology (1985), particularly in using fractals in evolutionary biology; fractals in tree branching (1991); Discriminant analysis, geographic variation in mice; Analysis of the long-term periodicity in cicadas, especially the role of prime numbers and genetics (1993); Physical theory and the origin of vertebrate flight, a new synthesis; and a principle of prolation (2004) in ellipsoidal evolution and development. WSEAS.


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