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  1. Candidate authors in a WSEAS Conference must submit only original research work, never  published elsewhere and not submitted simultaneously to any other forum (including other WSEAS conferences or journals).
  2. Overview papers are not published, except very special cases of world distinguished personalities and only after invitation by WSEAS.
  3. After uploading the paper, authors receive an Identification Number (ID) for their paper(s).  Authors must save this important ID number or write it somewhere.
  4. All the papers are reviewed by two or three independent reviewers.
  5. Withdrawing a paper is possible until 30 days before the conference date, regardless of whether registration has been paid or not. After that time, WSEAS reserves the right to publish the paper.
  6. By uploading the paper, the author authorizes WSEAS to publish the paper and transfer to WSEAS the copyright. You have been accepted to receive the WSEAS Newsletter (mailing list)
  7. Authors are responsible for the printing quality of their papers. Authors must not use national fonts in their papers, because in some computers these fonts are not recognized. All the fonts must be Times New Roman.  National fonts (greek for example) are not permitted. If you want to use greek letters in mathematical relationships, use the Equation Editor (MS Word Users) or as mathematical symbols (LaTeX users). Images must be embedded in the documents. WSEAS will not be responsible for possible errors of authors of this type.
  8. WSEAS will produce the contents of the proceedings and the program using the information that the authors will send when filling in the web Submission Form. Possible errors by the authors might be transferred in the proceedings and the program. Authors must be extremely careful when filling in the Submission Form.
  9. For each paper, at least one author must be registered (visit the Hyperlink: "Registration Fees"  in the web page of the conference) as well as at least one author must show up in the conference to present the paper.
  10. WSEAS will keep and will be able to provide copies of the proceedings for authors that did not show up in the conference for 60 days after the conference. The extra fee is 100 EUR for mailing expenses by secure and registered post. If this extra fee is paid after the conference, WSEAS is obliged to send the proceedings by secure and registered (safe) male that will be delivered to the authors hand-by-hand. After this time interval, i.e. 60 days after the last day of the particular conference, WSEAS is not obliged to maintain copies for the authors that did not come to the particular conference.
  11. WSEAS does not accept papers' presentation with Overhead Projector any longer.
    (The reason are : (i) Less than 1% uses Overhead projector, (ii) Some times, especially the hand-written transparencies have bad quality (iii) The hotels and Conference Centers do not use overhead projectors any longer (iv) Valuable time is lost in a session changing from Data Projector to Overhead Projector and vice versa)
    WSEAS accepts now presentations only:
    * Power Point
    * PDF (Acrobat Reader)
    * DOC (Simple Word)
    * HTML (as web pages)
  12. WSEAS strongly discourages changes in the final program. On the other hand, unavoidable changes in the final program due to the absence of authors do not charge the WSEAS. For these non-shows up of a percentage of some presenters, the Society of WSEAS declares: not responsible.
  13. The present terms can be found in:   or or and are uniform for all the WSEAS conferences. Authors are encouraged to print out this page or to save it in their computers.


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