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Join WSEAS and become part of the world-wide society between scientists and engineers working on mathematical methods and computational techniques and pursuing pure and/or experimental research in science and engineering. The numerous benefits make the WSEAS membership a worthwhile investment. The members of WSEAS are also entitled:
1. Discounts for WSEAS Conferences.
Discount for subscription to WSEAS Transactions.
4. Discount for purchase of WSEAS Books or CD-ROMs.
4. Two email accounts in WSEAS per request
5. Possibility to chair a WSEAS Conference.
6. Potential Participation in some
Research Projects within WSEAS and IARAS networks of excellence.




The membership rates have been determined at 100 EUR for individuals and 200 EUR for companies or institutions.

WSEAS Grades of Membership

  • Associate WSEAS (students 1st-2nd year of the undergratuate studies)
  • Student WSEAS Member (students after the second year of their undergratuate studies up to their Ph.D. degree)
  • Member
  • Leading WSEAS Member (at least 3 years in the grade of Member)
  • Major WSEAS Member (at least 5 years in the grade of Leading Member)
  • Senior WSEAS Member (at least 5 years in the grade of Major Member)
  • Fellow WSEAS Member (The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in Science and technology and shall be conferred only by invitation of the Board of Directors)
  • Honorary WSEAS Member(Are elected also by the Board of Directors in case of special scientific contribution
    to society)
  • Dedicated WSEAS Member of Peace and Friendship (awarded to well-recognized personalities for
    activities that promoted the Peace and friendship among nations)


How to become member of WSEAS

The Registration Form (as well as the renewal) for WSEAS membership has been incorporated in the registration form of each WSEAS Sponsored Conference.
So, in order to become WSEAS member, you have to complete this form that you can receive if you have at least one paper accepted in one of WSEAS Sponsored conferences or symposia.


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