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Issue 4, Volume 4, April 2007
Print ISSN: 1109-9526
E-ISSN: 2224-2899








Title of the Paper:  Automatic Extraction Method of Airport Object in Aerial Imagery


Authors: Guang Yang, Bai Zhang, Xiaojuan Wang, Zongming Wang, Guoxin Wu

Abstract: Along with the progress of each basic theories in the picture science, the numerical picture processing technique gets the extensive application in each section of national economy, moreover, it has become study hotspot that is automatic identify in panchromatic aerial image. A kind of MF method to extract airport in aerial image was put forward on analysing template match and characteristic extraction. It brought forward a template match method to resolve that because of the information covering to have great capacity in aviation photograph, the hair stabs ordering more, operating great, and so on. It obtained the better result.

Keywords: .Threshold segmentation, Remote sensing image, Panchromatic aerial image, Airport object, Image segmentation, Template match, Characteristic extraction.

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Title of the Paper: Comparative Statistical Analysis of the Answers Obtained From the Students of the Economic Engineering Specialization


Authors: Dan D. Dumitraşcu, Moise Ţuţurea, Mihaela Rotaru

Abstract: In February 2005, and November 2006, an evaluation process of the disciplines and teaching staff was carried out at the Engineering Faculty. In this paper, we will present the main aspects that interfere in the evaluation that the students have made for the disciplines and the teaching staff on both semesters, as well as every related question, which the students considered to have relevance with the grade that they have evaluated the lecturer and the discipline. We have used the Pearson chi-square tests, the hypothesis that the row and column variables are independent, and Cramer’s test to see the strength of the relationship.

Keywords: Evaluation, statistical analysis, chi-square test, Cramer’s V test, discipline grade, lecturer grade

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