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Issue 12, Volume 3, December 2006
ISSN: 1109-9518
E-ISSN: 2224-2902







Title of the Paper: Research on Integration Technology of ERP and PDM Based on Business Remote Function Call


Authors: Wei Zhe Tan Jianrong Feng Yixiong

Abstract: To better support ERP system and PDM system integration for independent enterprise network manufacturing system, the characteristics of ERP and PDM integration were analyzed and the technology of business remote function call was presented. The standard or custom functions which supporting remote transfer through BRFC interface could be called by the ERP or PDM systems to gain data which would be used to achieve the integration. Not only was a kind of integration model of ERP and PDM composed, but also the RFC interface was described semantically. And the structure, realization and interview of remote function call technology which was used by ERP and PDM integration was researched. Also, data exchange of system integration based on data stream direction was discussed to ensure self-containment, collaboration, recombination and unsustainably of the ERP and PDM systems integration for network manufacturing. The conception of heterogeneous data translator was put forward, and its data structure was given. Interface development tools provided by ERP or PDM were given full considerations. And the system composing mode was construed clearly. The heterogeneous data translator was applied to realize classic code system, system information searches of PDM, system information searches of ERP and integration information searches. Then the advantages of BRFC were expounded. Finally, an application example of typical integration of WLPDM and SAP R/3 ERP in WLNM networked manufacturing platform was presented to verify the feasibility and efficiency of RFC technology. As a result, seamless integration, plain integration, non-repeated data memory, integration flexibility and low cost were realized.

Keywords: enterprise resource planning product data management business remote function call integration network manufacturing

Title of the Paper: The Vitals Signs data Monitoring via GPS Navigation System


Authors: S.Noimanee, T.Tankasiri, K.Siriwitayakorn, J.Tontrakoon

Abstract: The paper presents a health data monitoring and transmitting system for chronic or after heart operation falls at home-site of patient. It consists of vital signs measurement such as electrocardiogram, heart rate, and blood pressure and body temperature in real-time etc. The proposed system can monitor the patients and emergency communication with long-distance transmitting system via global positioning system engine board. A prototype of this system has been developed and implemented. It has been real tested by specific physician at Maharaj hospital, Chiang Mai. The system enables the patients to do the real-time monitoring his/her vital signs conditions and examine other kinds of the patientís data from the computer database for 24 hours each day and the hospitalís monitoring centre can enables the patients position and vital signs data. The results from this research will enable the local industry to manufacture the instruments with high reliability to be used in Thailand. At a much lower cost than the imported ones.

Keywords: vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, chronic patient, hospitalís monitoring centre.

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