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Issue 10, Volume 4, October 2007
Print ISSN: 1790-1979
E-ISSN: 2224-3410








Title of the Paper: Research on Situated Cognition Environments Oriented Training Pattern of the Practical Ability of Chinese Information Management College Students


Authors: Peng Wu, Shaohua Qiang, Beibei Zhang

Abstract: The Practice Field and Communities of Practice of Situated Cognition and learning theory can offer simulation cognition for the training pattern of the practical ability .In this paper ,we imitated the cognition of the demands of enterprise information management and implementation of information-based project, based on the demands of training pattern of the practical ability of Chinese information management college students. And we also offered the solution of Practice Field and Communities of Practice.

Keywords: Education technology Information management Practice field Communities of practice

Title of the Paper: Multimedia Factors Facilitating Learning


Authors: Sylvia Encheva, Sharil Tumin

Abstract: Multimedia technologies are widely used to faciliatate user access to applications. A lot of work has been done to develop multimedia design, presenting information in a variety of formats, which resulted in enrichment of users’ experience and improving the learning process. This paper discusses important interrelationships among students perceptive abilities and use of multimedia for learning.

Keywords: Multimedia, lattices, learning preferences, learning styles, learning situation

Title of the Paper: An Effective Solution for Matrix Parenthesization Problem through Parallelisation


Authors: Muhammad Hafeez, Dr. Muhammad Younus

Abstract: Dynamic programming can be used to solve the optimization problem of optimal matrix parenthesization problem, which is discussed in detail in the paper. The results and their analysis reveal that there is considerable amount of time reduction compared with simple left to right multiplication, on applying the matrix parenthesization algorithm. Time reduction varies from 0% to 96%, proportional to the number of matrices and the sequence of dimensions. It is also learnt that on applying parallel matrix parenthesization algorithm, time is reduced proportional to the number of processors at the start, however, after some increase, adding more processors does not yield any more throughput but only increases the overhead and cost. Foremost improvement of the parallel algorithm used is its independency on the number of matrices. Moreover, work has been uniformly distributed between processors, besides its confirmation to single processor algorithm results.

Keywords: Matrix Parenthesization Problem Parallel Processing Algorithm

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