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Issue 11, Volume 1, November 2006
Print ISSN: 1790-5044
E-ISSN: 2224-3461







Title of the Paper: Determination of Specific Heat of a Building Material


Authors: Jitka Mohelnikova

Abstract: Specific heat is important property of building materials which is used for thermal evaluation of building constructions. The paper presents method for determination of this property for samples of chip-wood boards. The determination of physical properties of the boards was a task of a research project focussed on the energy evaluation of low-energy housing. The specific heat capacity was determined on the basis of experimental measurements of selected samples of chip-wood boards.

Keywords: Building materials, thermal properties, specific heat, thermal mass, chip-wood boards, building constructions, low-energy houses.

Title of the Paper: Calculation Aerodynamic Heating to A Stagnation Point of A High Speed 2-D Cylindrical Nose for Protection the Mechatronics System and Structure


Authors: Kai-Long Hsiao

Abstract: The flow field and temperature distribution of high-speed aerodynamic heating at stagnation point. The heat transfer through a thin, a thick or composite wall were analyzed in the present study. Convection coefficients and heat fluxes due to aerodynamic heating on critical surfaces of hypersonic vehicle are obtained analytically. The applicability of recovery temperature for stagnation regions is discussed. Convection coefficient for the curvature forward stagnation region is obtained directly from 2-D stagnation region correlation. This paper shows and application of Crank-Nicolson scheme to solve numerically transient heat conduction problem conjugate with high stagnation point heating problem. The results show good agreement with a known lumped system method solution for a thin wall. The present method of solution can be extended to solve three dimensional heat conduction problems in multi-layer composite bodies as well.

Keywords: Stagnation point, Aerodynamic Heating, Lumped System, Composite wall.

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