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Issue 6, Volume 2, June 2007
Print ISSN: 1991-8747
E-ISSN: 2224-3429








Title of the Paper: Thickness and Material Yield Strength Effects of Thin Sheets on Dent Resistance


Authors: Javad Marzbanrad

Abstract: In this paper, dent resistance with static loading on a circular sheet is studied using finite element method. The effects of thickness and material strength are considered using simulated model for the sheet and for the loaded applied. Dent resistance is a quality criterion for automotive body panels which should be considered in design. It depends on material strength, thickness, panel geometry/shape. Due to the complexity of the problem, the verification of dent resistance of body panels is often done after the panels are formed and assembled. A computer simulation technique was developed here for dent resistance prediction, which can potentially be used in early design stages before panels are produced. Simulation techniques are discussed using implicit (FEA) for denting simulation. The attentions are focused on correlation of computer simulation and then compared with some experimental results for verification. The results show the reasonable prediction for dent resistance obtained from computer simulations. A circular panel used here and its dent resistance is calculated at the centre. The test data from experimental results are also presented here to be compared with the results of FEA model.

Keywords: Dent, Resistance, Sheet, Thickness, Yield strength

Title of the Paper: Experimental Investigation Of Pile Group Under Lateral Cyclic Load In Soft Cohesive Soil


Authors: S. Basak

Abstract: The environment prevalent in ocean necessitates the piles supporting offshore structures to be designed against lateral cyclic loading initiated by wave action. Such quasi-static load reversal induces deterioration in the strength and stiffness of the soil-pile system introducing progressive reduction in the bearing capacity as well as settlement of the pile foundation. To understand the effect of lateral cyclic load on lateral capacity of pile group in soft clay, a series of laboratory experiments were performed. This paper presents the experimental observations made and the relevant conclusions drawn there from.

Keywords: Pile group, cyclic load, clay, frequency, amplitude.

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