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Issue 10, Volume 2, October 2007
Print ISSN: 1991-8747
E-ISSN: 2224-3429







Title of the Paper: Bituminous Concrete with Frame-Separation in Steel-Structure Bridge Deck Pavement


Authors: Zhang Ronghui , He Yuanhang ,Lv Huiqing

Abstract: This paper describes a new type of bituminous concrete with frame–separation in steel-structure bridge deck pavement, the lower layer of which is designed to have a frame-separation structure with bituminous concrete units dependent from each other, while the upper layer is paved with fiber bituminous concrete. Pavement with this new structure has been successfully applied to a bridge with double decks for dual purposes of highway and railway use, which is able to restrain the pavement deformation caused by vibration within an acceptable limit and therefore can settle the maintenance and repair problem of the deck pavement of the bridge for dual purposes of highway and railway use.

Keywords: Zhang Ronghui , He Yuanhang ,Lv Huiqing

Title of the Paper: Structural analysis and elastic characterization of air plasma sprayed ceria-yttria co-stabilized zirconia coatings


Authors: M. Alfano, L. Pagnotta, G. Stigliano, G. Di Girolamo and C. Blasi

Abstract: The hot sections of gas turbine engines (e.g. blades, vanes, ducts, seals and airfoils) are usually exposed to extremely hot gases which coupled to the action of oxidative and corrosive environments provide the ideal conditions for nucleation and growth of cracks. It follows that the surface temperature of these components must be maintained low enough to retain materials properties within acceptable bounds and to extend component life. From this standpoint, the most promising approach is represented by the application of ceramic thermal insulating layer which shields the substrate from the hot gas heat source. To this purpose, Air Plasma Sprayed (APS) yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) has been often adopted in the last decades. However, the main drawback of YSZ is represented by the phase stability at higher temperature. For this reason new alternative materials have been proposed. In particular, it has been observed that the addition of ceria to tetragonal zirconia allows to obtain ceria and yttria co-stabilized zirconia (CYSZ) which presents a higher phase stability than YSZ. The aim of the present work is the structural and elastic characterization of APS CYSZ coatings. In particular, X-Ray diffraction was used for phase analyses while the morphology and the final microstructure of the coatings were analyzed by SEM investigations. In addition, the stiffness (i.e. Young’s modulus) of CYSZ is measured by means of a resonant method applied to beam-like coated samples.

Keywords: Thermal barrier coatings, ceria-yttria stabilized zirconia, Young’s modulus, impulse excitation technique

Title of the Paper: Case Study Regarding the Motor Vehicle – Pedestrian Collision


Authors: Adrian Soica and Simona Lache

Abstract: Statistics show that at the world level more people die in road traffic accidents than in armed conflicts. The researches carried out in view of reducing the number of victims as well as in view of diminishing the degree of injuries in pedestrians have been numerous in the last decade. EURONCAP association has proposed the car manufacturers, through the EEVCWG17 directive, a partial solution with regard to the changes that must be brought to the front end of the vehicle. Through the present paper the authors have analyzed some theoretical and experimental aspects regarding the frontal collision between motor vehicles and pedestrians, looking at the kinematics and dynamics of impact occurrence for a better understanding of the phenomenon. Likewise, theoretical results were compared with the experimental ones in view of further improving programs and calculation models.

Keywords: Automotive, Pedestrian, Accident Simulation, Accident Reconstruction

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