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Issue 4, Volume 3, April 2007
Print ISSN: 1790-5079
E-ISSN: 2224-3496







Title of the Paper: Engine Performance Improvement on Fuel Economy and Exhaust Emissions Using Lean Burn Control Technologies


Authors: Zhengmao Ye, Zhijun Li, Habib Mohamadian

Abstract: To enhance fuel economy and reduce the exhaust emissions, a lean burn gasoline engine system using novel catalyst design has been developed, which is used for NOx emission aftertreatment. The goal is to investigate the impact of this catalytic system on emission characteristics and BSFC (break specific fuel consumption) across a broad engine speed and load operating region under diverse arrangement schemes of the new catalyst converter. It can be indicated from experimental results that the upstream placement of three way catalyst ahead of the NOx adsorber catalyst is the best solution, which gives rise to the highest converting efficiency to reduce the NOx emission level of the lean burn gasoline engine. The role of engine speed on exhaust emissions and fuel economy is also reflected by the periodic operating time of lean burn and rich burn as well as the time ratio between the two. Engine load has served as a major factor in affecting exhaust emission characteristics and fuel economy of the lean burn gasoline engine. The heavier the engine load, the higher the NOx emission level, the less the NOx converting efficiency and the lower the BSFC. This technology also has the potential to be applied to all other types of lean burn engines.

Keywords: Lean Burn, Gasoline Engine, Adsorber-Reduction Catalyst, NOx Emission, BSFC

Title of the Paper: Comparative Analysis on Performances of Micro Gas Turbines Burning Biogas vs. Natural Gas


Authors: Victor Cenusa, and Florin Alexe

Abstract: The Micro Gas Turbines could burn a wide scale of clean liquids and gaseous fuel, but their reference data are usually given for burning natural gas. Fuel’s switch changes their performances. The paper analyzes the case of Micro GT designed for natural gas and adapted for burning biogas produced in anaerobic digesters. This one has Low Heat Values and air requests for stoechiometric burning, lower than methane. For modeling the processes from Micro GT components and cycle, we employ numerical computation, using procedures achieve and validate in our department. Our purpose is analyzing the results of gaseous fuel switch on Micro GT performances. We put into evidence that: 1) burning biogas doesn’t affect significantly the performances of Micro GT, but 2) that choice request necessary actions for adapting the burner and the gas fuel compressor. The obtained results are in concordance with recently references.

Keywords: Micro-Turbines, Thermodynamic Analysis, Biogas, Computation and Modeling.

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