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Issue 3, Volume 4, March 2007
Print ISSN: 1109-9518
E-ISSN: 2224-2902







Title of the Paper: A Study of Detector Generation Algorithms Based on Artificial Immune in Intrusion Detection System


Authors: Jinyin Chen, Dongyong Yang, and Matsumoto Naofumi

Abstract: Detector plays an important role in self and non-self discrimination for intrusion detection system, which makes detector generation a kernel algorithm for artificial immune system. In this paper, firstly current used binary matching rules are listed, characteristics of which are analyzed. And detector generation algorithm is divided into three main processes, including gene library, negative selection and clone selection. Evolution for gene library is explained based on the gene library theory. Several new methods are adopted to improve the performance of NSA, and finally cooperative co-evolution detector generation model is constructed which is a novel structure for intrusion detection system. This paper is aimed for researchers to focus problems on three main ideas concluded in last chapter.

Keywords: Detector generation algorithm, artificial immune, intrusion detection system, NSA, CSA, GA, Co-operation cooperative, maturation algorithm

Title of the Paper: A Novel Wavelet-Based Multi-Resolution Skeleton Extraction from a Moiré Image


Authors: Chien-Yue Chen, Wing-Kwong Wong, Tsung-Lun Lin, Ching-Huang Lin

Abstract: The measuring of the surface altitude of a body with shadow moiré results in an image of contour lines. These contour lines are usually thick and can be broken at a number of places. A one-pixel wide skeleton of the image can be extracted by thresholding and thinning, which is a traditional approach in previous research. This study proposes a novel method based on wavelet transformation with multi-resolutions and object point detection. In particular, this method solves the problem of uneven lighting on the surface of the object and generates a clear binary image of unbroken contour lines of single-pixel width.

Keywords: Shadow moiré, contour recognition, wavelet transform, image processing

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